Fuel consumption

The following conditions are required for proper use of the Fuel Consumption Query::

  • It is necessary to record the amount of fuel in the vehicle in the fleet management module. Monthly electronic refueling summary reports of the most famous refueling companies can be imported into the application, hence reducing the time spent with manual recording of these data.
  • The other condition is that the in-vehicle device sends the fuel consumption value .

Creating the query

Once the query name and the investigated period have been determined, the selection of devices to be checked must be set, then the query either can be immediately run or saved as a reusable profile.

 Query parameters

The result

The result is available in the Special reports section of the Document store, it can be downloaded in .csv format or displayed on the interface according to the user's demands.

The result is displayed in a drop-down table, by clicking on a selected record in the table, the route belonging to the fuel consumption data is displayed on the map.


There are several formats in which the fuel consumption rate is presented:

  • The first column of the table is a quantitative comparison, it compares the refueled and consumed quantities during the reviewed period .
  • The second column shows the average fuel consumption and refueling values based on distance (liter/100km).
  • The third column shows consumption based on operating time (liters / hour)** - this information is relevant when investigating machinery.
  • The fourth column of the table indicates deviations from the consumption standard. The basis of the comparison, the value of the standard consumption can be set on the vehicle data sheet.
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