Temperature values

Depending on where the sensors are situated, engine, cargo space, exterior, etc. temperatures can be monitored. For example, the query can be used to check if the temperature of the cargo compartment of a vehicle transporting refrigerated goods has changed during the investigated period, and if so, to what extent. The query can process data sent by up to four thermosensors per device.

Creating the query

To create the query, the profile's name and the inspected period has to be defined, the query type (device, vehicle or person), and range shall be specifyed, finally the temperature range has to be set. Then the query either can be run or saved.

 |Riport setup

The result

The result is available in the Special reports section of the Document store, it can be downloaded in .csv format or displayed on the interface according to the user's demands.

The report contains every submitted temperature value, therefore report size is significantly affected by device's configuration, frequent data transmission results in a larger file size.


The result is displayed in a drop-down table, the data is broken down by every single recorded temperature value by day. By clicking on a temperature record in the table, the position of the measurement are marked on the map with a blue pin, this way it is easy to establish the location of a possible tampering with the cargo, or malfunction of the refrigerator.