Meeting points

The query result indicates whether two selected vehicles or devices were in one location within a given period, for longer than the specified timespan.

Creating the query

Having named the query profile and determined the controlled period, the two inspepcted devices or vehicles must be selected. Up to two vehicles or devices can be investigated at the same time! After that, the driver of the vehicle can be optionally selected from the list as an additional aspect of the query, also meetings inside or utside a given POI or POIs can be optionally filtered using the query. As a query aspect, encounters in motion or with fixed position can be selected also. Then the query's perimeter, and how much time they spend together is considered an encounter has to be specified. Then the query either can be imediately run or saved as a reusable profile.

 Query aspects

The result

The result is available in the Special reports section of the Document store, it can either be downloaded in .csv format or displayed on the interface according to the user's demands.


The result displays the meetings with their timespans in a drop-down table. By clicking on a selected record in the drop-down table, the meeting's location and the vehicles' tracks leading to the meeting point are revealed on the map, to the right of the table.