Events detected by rule chains created in the Rule manager can be viewed in the Events function. Users can search between the events using pre-defined and custom query profiles, the events' details are available for review too.

Query profiles

When opening the function, the Query profiles panel - which is already known from the chapter Evaluation - slides in from the right. The pre-defined System profiles are in the upper part, the User and company profiles are in the bottom part of the panel.

 Query profiles

System profiles

The System profiles are pre-defined, default query profiles, filtering the events based on aspects occurring frequently during everyday use. The search conditions can be modified, if any of the default profile's critera doesn't match the demand.

 System profiles

New query, creation of a User and company profile

The New query button opens the Search panel, which slides in from the left. After setting the search criteria along the company's specific needs (timeframe, devices, vehicles, etc.), the query can be run by clicking on the Search button. Having run the query, it can be saved as User and company profile, with the initial system profile's, or a new name, accompanied by a short description.

 User and company profile

The events' details and evaluation

By clicking on a specific item in the result list, the map zooms onto the location of the event, and displays the vehicle's path at the time of the event's occurrence. The measured coordinates are marked with an icon, indicating the rule type.

The rule violation's details are presented in a dedicated window to the left of the list, such as:

  • The rule violation's declared value, limit or criterion and
  • The vehicle's location
 The event's details

The result list can be closed with the arrow located in the top right corner, thus increasing the size of the map, making the investigation more convenient.

The list's control buttons (paginator, rows per page) are at the bottom.

Export, download


Besides the usual search criteria : date, device, vehicle, driver and company, the search panel allows to filter events by the triggering rule too. The queries' result can be downloaded by clicking on the Export button above the result list.

 |Export file formats

Two formats are available, events can be exported in .CSV and .PDF.

Having started the export process, the system offers a choice: whether to stay in the Events function and continue working, or to navigate to the document store to download the document.

 Download from document store