The EcoDrive unique query is designed specifically for trucks, since the driving style of the driver in these vehicles can in some cases lead to significant savings, or might cause considerable extra cost. By correcting the driving errors revealed by the query, both fuel and service cost can be reduced.

Operating conditions

The successful query's prerequisite is that the vehicle must be fitted with a Ruptela device, which supports the tachopgraph function too. Our system is currently generates the EcoDrive report by processing data received from this particular device type.

Creating the query

The following information is required while creating the query:

  • The query profile name
  • The investigated period of time
  • The query type (the vehicle type takes vehicles into account, the person type considers vehicles driven by a particular driver)
  • Ignition or stop-time based route sectioning
 Lekérdezés paraméterei

Having filled out the mandatory info, the query can either be run immediately, or saved as a reusable profile.

The query looks at the following aspects:

  • Ignition time duration
  • Percentage of cruise control use
  • Distance calculated from GPS coordinates
  • Distance calculated from data received from the vehicle's CAN module
  • Freeroll distance (distance traveled with engine idling)
  • Freeroll rate (compared to the full distance)
  • Percentage of time spent idleing
  • Percentage of time spent at high RPM
  • Number of brakings
  • Number of brakings / 100Km
  • Number of clutch uses
  • Average speed
  • Consumed fuel (liters in total)
  • Consumed fuel (liter / 100Km)
  • Consumed fuel (liter / hour)
  • Standard fuel consumption (value manually registered on the vehicle data sheet)

The result

The result is available in the Special reports section of the Document store, it can be downloaded in .csv format or displayed on the interface according to the user's demands.

EcoDrive evaluation is made by analyzing the values of the aspects examined. The displayed map is a powerful aid in interpreting the result.

 Takarékos vezetés eredmény

The display of the result is assisted by the already familiar drop-down table, in which the routes are broken down by year / month / day / for each vehicle. Because many data types are displayed in the result of the query, the full list view, which can be displayed by clicking the control button in the upper left corner, will greatly facilitate interpretation.

 Részletes eredmény

By clicking either on a selected section or a period that spans multiple sections in the table, the route is displayed on the map. The pins indicating brakings and clutch uses appear along the track. The pins are clustered depending on the zoom level. Clicking on the cluster will zoom in on the map and unfold the pins.

 Cluster Cluster unfolded