Current Locations

This part of the application has been designed to locate the current positions of vehicles, devices and persons, also to view their corresponding informations. Furthermore, users can navigate to Past positions and Evaluation from the choosen object's data sheet, in case it is necessary. Those map functions which are used on all map interfaces, are explained here.

View Selector

The View Selector window appears on the left side of the map by default when opening the function Current positions. It can be closed and opened with its dock icon.

The three icons (device, person, vehicle) in the top left corner allows users to decide whether they want to use the device, person or vehicle view on the map.

 Device, person, vehicle view

By default all the assets are listed in a default, common group named All. In case the user created other groups based on a viewpoint or a specific quality, then those groups will displayed below the default one.

Any group's members (devices, persons or vehicles) can be displayed and hidden - in the view selector list and on the map too by opening and closing the group like a drop down list.

The group's name, the number of members, the Favorite button and the opening-closing arrow is displayed in the group's header.

The visibility of the items on the map can be switched on and off one by one with the Eye button in the list next to the item's name, which appears together with the Follow and Info buttons when hovering the cursor above the item in the list.

The Follow button positions the item in the middle of the map and zooms onto it, the view then follows the vehicle's movements. Only one item can be followed at a time.


The Info button displays the data sent by the GPS tracker unit in detail, in a popup window.


The Favorite status determines which group's members are displayed on the map when opening the Current positions function.

By default, if the user does not choose a favorite, it always is the default group (All).


Any group can be selected as favorite, including the default one. Only one favorite is allowed at any time.

The favorite function is available in Current positions as mentioned above, and in the Groups menu in the Fleet management module.


Status Table

The Status Table opens and closes by clicking the icon on the dock.

 Status Table

All devices related to the user and having valid location information, are displayed in the in the Status Table,

 Selection in status table

with detailed information about the device name, current location, POI (the information is only displayed if the device entered a POI which has been previously defined by the user), speed, ignition, and many more data. Any device can be zoomed onto on the map, by clicking on its row in the Status Table. The list can be filtered by the information displayed in the status table, the search field is located in the top left corner.


While moving, the items are displayed with an arrow showing the direction, and with a coffee cup when they are standing.

 |Device info

Having selected the Device view, a left click on the icon opens the info window, displaying the data sent by the tracker unit. The window's header contains the item's name on the left side, and three buttons on the right side: Show past positions, Zoom, Close.

Show past positions

Clicking the Past positions button offers two options, the navigation to Past positions and the navigation to Evaluation, in the appearing sidebar on the right side of the screen. The investigated period by default is always the current day, but if necessary, it can be modified.

 Navigate to past positions